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THE DOUBLE PEAK EXPERIENCE – This group is for 7th and 8th graders who have had at least one year experience on their instrument, and passed off an audition with the Director. In this group we refine skills such as; tone quality, intonation, advanced rhythms, balance, blend, and sight-reading. We believe these skills draw individual students deeper into expanding their scope of performance excellence, which carries across into every other subject they study throughout the day. This is the highest level ensemble at Double Peak with very high expectations of musicianship, technique, and discipline.

– This group will perform three concerts throughout the year for family and friends. The first is the “Turkey Concert” in the fall, the second is the “Coffee Concert” in March where the parents are invited to join their student during their class period and sit next to them while they perform, which provides a more intimate experience. And the third is the “Spring Concert” in early June at the California Center for the Arts. In addition to these concerts, your students will represent Double Peak at Band Festivals where their performance will be adjudicated and rated against other schools. These students are scheduled to play a festival at Knotts Berry Farm and a command performance at Disneyland during the school year. Also, these students will have the opportunity to participate in solo and ensemble recitals. (See Solo/ensemble Tab) Finally, these students are eligible to audition for the San Marcos District Honor Band, which will perform at San Marcos High School in January.
UNIFORM – As this group is representing Double Peak School, all young men are expected to wear black shoes, socks, long slacks, shirt, and a long black neck tie. Yes, all black. Young ladies have the option of wearing black shoes, socks, and pants with an all black blouse, or An all black dress, long enough so the dress is below the knee while seated. In addition to the dress they are to have black nylons and black shoes. DPS Concert Attire.docx
● Black dress pants (no jeans), black dress shoes (no athletic shoes), black socks that cover the ankles, Black Collared shirt with a neck tie (not provided by band).
● In addition, a black Band t-shirt is needed for all field trips (available from the Music Boosters for $12). Click here to purchase a Tee shirt online or download the order form. 
● This year the young ladies have the option of wearing a long black dress. The dress must have short sleeves or longer. The dress must be below the knees while sitting and should be accompanied by black nylons or tights so no part of their leg is exposed. Also of course they should wear all black dress shoes, close toes with a 2” heal or less.
Below​ ​are​ ​some​ ​helpful​ ​ideas​ ​for​ ​obtaining​ ​your​ ​student’s​ ​uniform. Web sites for online orders: