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Welcome to First Grade Music!

First graders will be building upon what they learned in kindergarten, and by the end of the year will have done the following…
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Solfege Singing solfege syllables (do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, ti, do) Using all accompanying hand signals.  Singing intervals using solfege
Dynamics Understanding, identifying, and using forte (f), fortissimo (ff), piano (p), Pianissimo (pp), mezzo piano (MP), and mezzo forte (mf)
Listening Daily listening to a wide range of composers from the baroque, classical, and romantic music eras.  Identifying how the music makes us feel, if the piece is major or minor, identifying fast or slow tempos and loud or soft dynamics. Learning about composers. Identifying which instrument families and instruments are playing. Describing what pictures, emotions, or actions the music depicts. Identifying past daily listening pieces.
Music notation Identifying and being able to clap or play rhythms including quarter notes, quarter rests, half notes, Half rests, whole notes, whole rests, dotted half notes, dotted whole notes, and eighth notes
Note Names Locating and naming the spaces in the treble clef (F,A,C,E) and lines in the treble clef (E,G,B,D,F)
Instrument playing Rhythm sticks, rhythm ribbons, egg shakers, tambourines, hand drums,frame drums, triangles, boom whackers
Vocabulary Tempo, beat, pitch, percussion, instrument families, strings, woodwinds, brass, rhythm, melody, composer, dynamics, forte, piano, treble clef, major, minor, baroque, classical, romantic, time signature, measure, repeat sign, Woodwind family instruments: flute, clarinet, oboe, bassoon, saxophone, piccolo, recorder, bass clarinet.   Brass Family instruments: trumpet, french horn, tuba, trombone, baritone, sousaphone