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The Music Boosters are a Not-for-Profit organization that was founded to help the Double Peak School Music Program meet its financial needs & obligations, as the Music Program is NOT funded by the San Marcos School District. We also are responsible for much of the administration of the approximately 200 students in the Music Program. And last but not least, we help ensure that the students are comfortable and prepared both in the band room and during the various off-campus activities. Booster meetings are held monthly in the Music Booster Room. Anyone is welcome to attend – please check the calendar for the next meeting date.

Director of Bands
Charlie McGhee has a long history of directing band programs and educating students in music at every level. He has been teaching at San Elijo Middle School since it’s opening. Prior to SEMS, he taught at San Marcos Middle School and Woodland Park. He created highly regarded school band programs at each of these schools. He is now excited about bringing his experience to Double Peak and creating a comprehensive elementary music program that leads to the highest level band and orchestra program in the region. Charlie can be reached by e-mail at: charlie.mcghee@smusd.org

President: Ms. Laila Holkesvig — As per Article III of the Music Booster Club bylaws, the President shall be appointed by the Music Director. Our Director, Charlie McGhee, has appointed Laila Holkesvig as president of the Double Peak School Music Boosters for the  school year of 2018-2019.

The Treasurer is responsible for posting and depositing all checks received, making payments for the band, and for preparing monthly financial statements.

Student Activities Coordinator
The Student Activities Coordinator assists the President with all students related admin.

Fundraising Coordinator
Fundraising Coordinator is responsible for organizing fundraising events to benefit all of the bands at Double Peak and are instrumental in allowing us to raise the funds needed to have an award winning program.

Hospitality Coordinators
The Hospitality Coordinator is responsible for planning and coordinating the food and beverages offered at band events such as: the Coffee Concerts, the Solo/Ensemble Festival (for the judges and volunteers), the Double Peak Jazz Festival, and the Band Awards night.

Volunteer Coordinator
The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for coordinating volunteers for all of our scheduled events. We have many events planned for your students this year. It takes volunteers to make it all happen!

Jazz Band Coordinators
The Jazz Band Coordinators are responsible for scheduling and confirming all jazz band events, communicating with jazz band parents as well as ensuring that we have adequate transportation for the jazz band equipment/instruments.

The secretary is responsible for taking the minutes at our monthly board meetings and other miscellaneous correspondence.

The webmaster is responsible for maintaining the band website.

Music Photocopier
This is the unsung hero of the Band Boosters. This person is responsible for photocopying all music handed out to all bands. The band directors and students are nothing without their music!

End of the Year Award Ceremony Coordinator

Liaison for PTO & Music Program

Hot Chocolate Friday Coordinator