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Upcoming Rehearsals

Monday, 2/18 2:40-4:00


Students Called: NO REHEARSAL

Wednesday, 2/20 1:40-3:30

Blocking Rehearsal: Pages 1-10

Students Called:
Red Queen, White Queen, Red King, White King, White Rabbit, Mad Hatter, March Hare, Dormouse, Alice, Cheshire Cat

Friday, 2/22 2:40-4:00

Blocking Rehearsal: Pages 11-21

Dance Rehearsal: Jabberwock Clock and Play the Part

Students Called:
Alice, Dodo, Lory, Eaglet, Mouse, The Frog Footman, Duchess, The Cook, The Tailor, The Powdered Wig Maker, Mad Hatter, March Hare, Doormouse, Hatters


The Double Peak Music Program is proud to announce our musical…

Queen of Hearts

…a twist on Alice in Wonderland

Double Peak will be the third ensemble to ever perform this original musical written by Courtney Corey and Matthew Armstrong!  This production will be in collaboration with Theatre Arts School of San Diego


Mondays 2:40-4:00                  Wednesdays 1:40-3:30                     Fridays 2:40-4:00

Tech week is April 15-19 – this week will be final dress rehearsals for performances – students need to be available this whole week.  Rehearsals may go as late as 9pm for 3rd grade and up.

Performance dates:  April 23, 24, 25, and 26


Theatre Arts School of San Diego

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