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The Double Peak Experience.  This group is for 7th graders who have had at least one full year of music.  This year the oldest students at Double Peak are 7th graders.  This group will perform at music festivals representing Double Peak School and this group is considered the highest level band currently at Double Peak.  In this group students are able to switch instruments with the director’s permission.  The primary goal of this group is to stretch the musical abilities of each student and play more and more demanding music.

PERFORMANCES – This group will perform for parents and friends at our fall TURKEY concert, at our Spring Concert at the Center for the Arts in Escondido, at Band and Orchestra Festivals and possibly even at Knotts Berry Farm.

UNIFORM – The uniform for this group is strictly black SLACKS, not jeans, Black button down shirt, with black bow tie.  Also Black Shoes and socks.  (All Black)  Students in this group should all have a Band Tee shirt for after performances and field trips.