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When a student plays a piece of music by his or herself or with one, two or three friends playing separate parts, there is something magical that happens!  There is advanced musical growth and sudden understanding of the emotion and power the student has over the musical outcome of the performance.

This is why I encourage every student to take the challenge of learning a solo or participating in an ensemble.  I will pass out solos and ensembles to all interested students in November.  Along with our coaching staff, I will work with your student to help them achieve their best performance of the music.

In February, I will take these students to a solo/ensemble festival where they will perform for judges and be critiqued on there efforts.  These festivals are very positive and specialize in offering positive feedback to improve self esteem and student success.

Then in April, there will be a formal recital of all these students performing for their family and friends at Double Peak.  At that performance,  the Director will pick the very best solos and ensembles to perform for the Spring Concert at the California Center for the Arts in Escondido.