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THE DOUBLE PEAK EXPERIENCE – This is an elite group of students that go over and above the rigor of their classroom experience.  This group meets before school everyday to learn the genre of jazz literature.  Performing this style of music requires special skills and understanding but the rewards are huge as this pathway is fun and very practical because of the audience appeal.

PERFORMANCES – This group is very popular and therefore performs more than any of the groups at Double Peak.  First of all, we perform every Friday morning for the students before school as a spirit raising event for all the students and staff. Of course parents are always welcome to this great event, from 7:20 to 8:00am every Friday.  Next, we will perform for special events in San Marcos, as well as, attend jazz festivals where we are adjudicated on our performances.  Oh yes, we will also be performing at the “Turkey Concert” in the fall and the “Spring Concert” at the Center for the Performing Arts, in Escondido.

UNIFORM – As this group represents Double Peak School, they are all expected to wear all black.  That means black shoes, socks, long black pants, and shirts.  Students may accessorize with ties and hats.

Below​ ​are​ ​some​ ​helpful​ ​ideas​ ​for​ ​obtaining​ ​your​ ​student’s​ ​uniform. Web sites for online orders: