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Thank you parents of Double Peak students for checking out our website. We’re so proud to be your music teachers in a school that is going to transform your student into a leader of our society!

Music is going to be a part of that, and I want to give you an overall snapshot of what we are going to offer at Double Peak this fall. To read our full messages, please click on the options, “Greetings from Mr. McGhee,” and, “Greetings from Mrs. Ines.” Both are located directly above by clicking on our pictures.

Also, one crucial component to a successful music program is a supportive Band Booster Team that is made up on parents/guardians who are passionate about helping our students to succeed. Please be sure to click on the option, “Band Boosters,” which located to the left of this message, to read more about joining.

As time progresses, this website will continue to be updated and include more information, so I recommend checking back periodically to see exciting, new content, and to better prepare your student for the up-and-coming school year. Thank you!


Music Program Calendar 2016 – 2017